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Who is Qualified for a JOPEG Loan?

Eligibility for our loans

Wondering whether you’re eligible for a Jopeg loan?

Wonder no more because you’ve come to the right place. All our loan products almost have the same eligibility requirements with the only difference being how much your affordability is in order for you to qualify for a given loan product.

So choose a loan type to see what is required of you. Please note that while certain criteria determine only your eligibility, other factors may be considered strong predictors for your approval.

The most important determinants being:

  • One must be a Civil servant in the Ugandan government.
  • One should be on the government payroll
  • One is required to present an introduction letter from his/her department supervisor
  • A recent passport photo is required
  • The most current 3months bank statement
  • One should be in possession of the most recent payslip
  • A guarantor who must be a workmate, with his/her passport photo and National ID
  • A map to the client's home (from village, parish, sub-county, and district of origin)
  • Borrower's National ID and Employment ID

frequently Asked questions

How do I apply for apply for a JOPEG loan?

For one to apply for a loan from Jopeg, he/she is must first get all the necessary requirements ready after which they will meet an agent from Jopeg so that they can fill in the Loan application forms.

Who is eligible for a loan?

All civil servants working for the Government of the Republic of Uganda are eligible for a Jopeg loan

What is the maximum amount of money I can apply for?

The maximum amount of money one can apply for is determined by the amount of money one earn monthly and within what loan period one prefers to repay the loan.

For instance Jopeg loans can be repaid in periods of 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, 36 and 48 months and the maximum deduction allowed by the government of Uganda is 48% of one’s net pay

How soon can I get my money after filling in the form?

As long as Jopeg gets approval from your personal or accounting officer, it takes a maximum of 24 hours to disburse the loan onto the bank account that government uses to pay your salary.

Can I take more money if my current loan is still running?

Jopeg has a loan referred to as a “Top Up loan” which is given to someone who still has a running loan with us. One’s eligibility for a Top Up loan depends on the period of the current running loan and the period one wants to apply for in regards to the Top up loan.

For instance if one has a running loan of 48 months, that person is eligible for a Top Up loan after he/she has been able to clear 24 months of the current loan.

How do I pay back my loan?

You pay back your loan through a monthly deduction that is made off your salary. This deduction is automatically appended onto your paycode at the Ministry of public service.

If my loan is paid off, how is the monthly deduction going to stop?

If your loan has been completely paid off, it is the duty of Jopeg to stop your deduction code immediately.

However in the event that the deduction code is not stopped immediately, Jopeg takes full responsibilty to refund any money that may have been deducted off your account after the loan repayment was completed. The refund will directly be wired to your government salary account.

How do I get my refund if deduction is not stopped in time?

The refund is paid onto the same bank account where the loan was disbursed to.

How are your loans priced?

Jopeg loans are priced basing on the repayment period the client chooses.

That is to say, Jopeg serves it’s customers depending on their choice choice of repayment period and maximum amount available for monthly deduction from their salary account.

Do you buy off other loans?

Jopeg does not buy off loans due to the complexities that come with the process of buy offs.

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